Building an open standard for web data.

We see a world where businesses can implement third party technologies quickly and effortlessly, without needing to recode or invest precious development resources.

We see a marketplace for Web apps, marketing technologies and analytics tools, where everyone embraces a common data approach.

We see an Open Data standard that will shape future of all Web collaboration.

We are the Open Data Alliance.

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The Problem

Mixed Signals

The amount of data available from websites, digital marketing and user engagement is growing exponentially. The potential to do great things with this data is huge, but the inherent complexities that come with it are daunting.

A key challenge for both website owners and data-driven technology providers is ensuring that data is transferrable. Often data already present in pages - such as product SKUs and order IDs - is represented and collected in multiple ways by various Web technologies.

This lack of standardisation creates huge inefficiencies in the Web ecosystem when websites transfer crucial data between systems.

The Solution

An Open Data Standard

The solution is a standardised data model that is implemented across the Web. Let’s replace the current mix of proprietary formats with a single Open Data format that presents data in a common structure, enabling websites to broadcast to all partners from a single point.

Standardised by our industry community, the Open Data format provides a common structure for e-commerce data across verticals - such as accommodation booking and shopping baskets - yet is open and evolves with the industry.

The Open Data model will ensure new technologies are simply plug-and-play, making a data ‘app store’ approach a reality. Website owners will have to set up Open Data only once across their site, while technology providers - everything from analytics and marketing tags to search engines - will build their consuming logic just a single time.

Who is the Open Data Alliance for?

For technology providers.
Whether it’s affiliate marketing, Web analytics, content management or any other part of the online ecosystem, developing this standard approach will unleash the potential of Web data - freeing this valuable asset from vendor lock-in and technological path dependency.
For businesses.
Today’s Web requires businesses to be agile and responsive. By aligning and future proofing your web data structure to a new industry standard can businesses significant efficiency savings.

Adopting the Open Data standard will enable you to identify ODA affiliated technologies such as Google and QuBit and get them running in minutes.

For the whole industry.
Communication around a common data standard will enable the industry to focus on the data itself - rather than working out how to tie everything together.

Join the Alliance as a technology provider

Create an Open Data Alliance adaptor or extension.
In order to join the Alliance we require each technology provider to develop an adapter that represents data in the Open Data format, and where applicable, demonstrate that it is ready to consume Open Data.

Full documentation on the data model can be found on our GitHub page.

Submit your company information.
To add you to the Alliance directory and make you a fully fledged member we just need a short summary of your business (max 200 words), a high resolution logo and instructions on how to implement your technology using the Open Data model.
Tell the world you are part of the Open Data Alliance.
We encourage all members to get involved promoting this initiative. Please tell your clients and partners about it and we have developed an alliance badge which you can add to your website and other marketing collateral (Download here).

The more technologies using Open Data, the greater the benefit for everyone in online.


Join the Alliance as an online business

Align your data with the Open Data standard.
An average website has more than 10 technologies collecting data from the website. Without a standard approach to collecting data this is an inefficient process. By adopting a new industry standard you can gain efficiencies when working with 3rd party technologies.
Work with partners to standardise your data.
ODA is already supported by many of the leading technologies in the market place including Google, QuBit, Criteo, Marin and Ensighten. We recommend for each new technology you work with you ask them to follow this Open Data standard so that no customisation is required.
Implement and future proof your web data
Once the Open Data standard has been implemented all new technologies can collect a standard set of values from your website which means you are future proofing any new technologies or changes to existing 3rd party technologies.
JavaScript Open Data Model

Introducing Universal Variable

The Alliance reccomends that e-commerce websites implement the standardised Open Data model using a simple JavaScript object embedded into their pages. This can then be read by any Open Data compatible technology.

X implemented Universal Variable to improve efficiency and allow X to share information with its partners quickly.






If you would like to find out more about how to make your data Open Data please visit our GitHub page.


If you have a specific question why not visit our FAQ that contains lots of useful information about the Alliance and how to get involved.


Visit our blog to keep up with the latest news and thought leadership from The Open Data Alliance.

About the Alliance


Founding members

Founded in 2012 by our founding members - QuBit, Google, Marin, Ensighten and Criteo - the Open Data Alliance was set up to create a new standard in Web data.

Our mission is to make the lives of website owners and marketers easier with a single data model that is completely open-source and available to the entire online ecosystem. We believe the more that we standardise, the more efficient the exchange of web data will become, with greater benefits for all parties involved.

QuBit Group London -

Founded by four ex-Google product, engineering and marketing executives, QuBit is developing a new breed of data-driven website optimisation products to understand customer behaviour and drive business growth. By prioritising our research findings against strategic objectives, we help bring Marketing, IT and Customer Insight teams together; creating a more agile work environment.

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